Count Us In

Count Us In

Waltham Forest’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) has an incredibly diverse range of organisations achieving fantastic things on typically extremely limited resources. 

We think there is now a real opportunity to strengthen the relationships and partnerships between the VCSE groups and the public sector, and to remove obstacles that have prevented more productive partnership working in the past.

The VCSE as a whole has a great deal of knowledge about the local community – in all its diversity – and how things can be changed locally for the better. At the same time, there is a growing appetite within the public sector (expressed through the council's new Creating Futures strategy) to working more closely with the VCSE in Waltham Forest to deal with the emerging and complex needs in our communities and neighbourhoods.

Count Us In

We are bringing together a number of activities to highlight the amazing work the sector does to support people in the borough. We are calling this initiative Count Us In Waltham Forest and will are aiming to achieve a number of outcomes. First, we want Count Us In to act as a call to action for the VCSE to come together and tell others about what is happening in Waltham Forest  but also to make a case for the greater use of community assets in tackling issues in the borough. We want to:

  • highlight the positive role the VCSE in Waltham Forest can/does play;
  • understand the pressures the VCSE is currently facing;
  • gather evidence and inform the emerging needs in the borough; and
  • make a case for greater VCSE involvement in tackling these issues.

We are going to be holding a number of events and networking opportunties over the coming months to achieve this and we will be updating you through endless emails, tweets (#countusinand posts on Facebook.

However, the first thing we are asking you to do is to complete a short survey that will help us build up a picture of what your group and your hopes and aspirations for the future.  

Complete the Count Us In survey by clicking here

We are going to be holding a prize draw on 13th April 2018 for a very fancy Brother all in one wireless photocopier, printer, scanner thing (it does everything but make the tea). Just complete the survey as fully as possible to be included in the draw. 

We will inform the winner by email (so please include your email address) and they will be responsible for collecting the printer from our office at The Mill (7-11 Coppermill Ln, Walthamstow, London E17 7HA). We can't help with installation but it is very easy.