Community Venues of Waltham Forest - A Map

Community Venues of Waltham Forest - A Map

Community venues are incredibly important to the community - they are where virtually everything happens, and without them very little can happen.  

You can now take a look at a fabulous map of valued communtiy venues, that has been crowdsourced and created by the community, and which is also waiting for your information to be added.

Earlier this summer, supported by wonderful Mill volunteers and the fabulous visitors to the Walthamstow Garden Party, our team created a giant map of community venues over the course of the weekend event.  

We are now delighted to share a digital map of all of the information gathered.

Have a look:

Click on any green pin to see venue information provided by our contributors, and click to view a larger map (top right) and zoom in and out to view it better.

This is crowdsourced information, and contains so much of interest and value to us as residents and workers in the borough.  We hope you will find it interesting.

Is it a complete map?  This is where you come in.  Take a look and see what information needs adding.  Email us with the venue name, address and information and we'll add it.  

Where we have information from different people about one venue, we are amalgamating them.  Your knowledge of a venue and its activities will probably be different and complementary to someone else's.  

Got some fantastic techy solution as to how we can present this information even better?  Email us about that too.