Count Us In Waltham Forest - 20th June

Count Us In Waltham Forest - 20th June
Count Me In
20June 201811:00


Chingford Assembly Hall
Station Road London E4 7EN
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Waltham Forest’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) has an incredibly diverse range of organisations achieving fantastic things on typically extremely limited resources. 

At Community Waltham Forest we believe there is a real opportunity to strengthen the relationships and partnerships between the VCSE groups and the public sector and to remove obstacles that have prevented more productive partnership working in the past.

The VCSE as a whole has a great deal of knowledge about the local community – in all its diversity – and how things can be changed locally for the better. So what better way to look to the future and how we could work together than getting everyone together in a big hall and make some plans.

We are holding a big event for all VSCE groups on 20th June in Chingford Assembly Hall at which we will be presenting the findings from our Count Us In survey but the event will be about a lot more than listening to a load of statistics. This will be our first large-scale event that brings the sector together to share experiences, network and to look for ways to deal with some of the most pressing matters impacting on the residents of Waltham Forest.

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