Solace Women's Aid

Solace Women's Aid
Telephone number 
07340 683382
Contact Name 
Rasha Hamid
Address / Location 
WF Resource Hub, 1 Russell Road, London , E10 7ES

Solace Women's Aid is an independent charity working across London, providing life-saving support to more than 11,000 women and children survivors of domestic and sexual violence a year

Solace Women’s Aid’s vision is of a world where women and children live their lives free from domestic and sexual abuse.

Solace Women’s Aid exists to bring an end to the harm done through domestic and sexual violence to all survivors and in particular women and children. Our work is holistic and empowering, working alongside survivors to achieve independent lives free from abuse.

Solace Women’s Aid’s core values reflect our history and were developed in consultation with staff, service users, and trustees. We are:
Women and children focused and empowering
Diverse and anti-discriminatory in all our practice
Committed to service users having a central voice within the organisation
Feminist in our understanding of domestic and sexual violence
Committed to continuous improvement

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