South Chingford Community Network Report 28 September


South Chingford Community Network Meeting 28 September 2017

A report on the South Chingford Community Network event on 28 September 2017.

Thank you very much to the dozen local organisations and individuals who came to the inaugural South Chingford Community Network meeting, delivered by Community Waltham Forest and LBWF Larkswood Local Area Coordinator Alison Gordon in partnership, on Thursday 28 September.  Also to everyone else who has expressed interest in this network and working together in South Chingford.  A particularly big thank you to St Edmunds Church for hosting us on the night, as well as their input to the meeting - and with such lovely cake.

Community Waltham Forest is working to support and strengthen the local voluntary and community sector, volunteers, social enterprises and community action in Waltham Forest.  Our vision is a very simple, but important one: We want Waltham Forest communities to have the ability and opportunities to fulfil and exceed their potential. We want to offer support to community organisations and the communities they serve at a local level and we have started, in partnership with the Local Area Coordinator initiative, in South Chingford.  Our plan is for other local area networks will follow soon.

We want to provide local networks that supports the community and its groups through:

  • Information from CWF about public policy and funding opportunities

  • Training and support from CWF

  • Support with volunteering

  • Group learning and information sharing opportunities

  • An opportunity to meet and learn about other local organisations and groups

  • Local quarterly meetings, with agenda content based on your needs

At this first meeting, we got to know the different activities and talked quite a lot about strengths, gaps, opportunities and local communications.  This gives everyone a lot to think about when seeking to develop community activities.  Ideas and feedback were captured on post-it notes and written up here.

Community Waltham Forest are here to help and will plan some more activities and meetings in South Chingford based on what we have been told; groups can also find support through the many activities listed on this website. 

Anyone who would like to be on the email list for this network, or to learn more about it, can contact Alison Griffin or 020 3893 9794. 

Anyone who would like to know more about the work of the Local Area Coordinator can contact Alison Gordon or 07790 362715.