Improving child safeguarding practices - NSPCC

Improving child safeguarding practices - NSPCC

The NSPCC has been helping to keep children safe for more than 125 years. Discover how they can assist your organisation in safeguarding young people

Protecting children is everyone’s responsibility. All professionals can help children understand the risks posed by today’s society and support them to stay safe. Often the commitment to protect children is strong but groups or organisations can feel unsure about how to achieve this.

For over 125 years, the NSPCC’s training and consultancy teams have been providing bespoke support services for organisations throughout the UK. During this time they have built up a wealth of safeguarding knowledge and shared this with organisations to strengthen their ability to keep children safe, and increase their confidence when doing so. This work all stems from their passion for safeguarding children.

Every now and then, organisations may recognise that they need to do more in regards to safeguarding children. This may be due to gaps in their practice or purely down to a lack of knowledge and understanding. It may stem from legislative changes, good practice developments in your sector, or responding to learning identified through audits or inspection.

Whatever approach to improvement you identify is best for your organisation, the NSPCC can help you achieve success with three simple steps.

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