Connecting Communities - Join Your Chingford Network

Connecting Communities - Join Your Chingford Network
05December 201812:00


South Chingford Community Library

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Come and find out about Connecting Communities local plans and join the first Chingford network lunch on Wednesday 5th December at South Chingford Community Library.

Connecting Communities is a new programme bringing people together to play an active role in their communities and work together on local priorities.

The Chingford network will create a space for local people to connect, develop partnerships, share knowledge and take local action.

This is a council event, in collaboration with Community Waltham Forest. 

We all know that there is already so much fantastic work happening across the local area which the Chingford network can build upon, so our first meeting will kick off with a celebration of community activity. There will be the chance to find out more about what Connecting Communities is all about, share your experiences and tell us what you want to see next for the new Chingford Network!

Groups, organisations and volunteers who are working in Leytonstone are welcome.  There will be future events for other areas.  Space is limited and refreshments will be arranged for attendees, so it is essential that you confirm your attendance through the ticket link. Tickets are free and a light lunch will be provided.

For further information or to sign up to the Chingford network email list, to receive information about future events and activities in Chingford, contact the team on

If you are working elsewhere in the borough and interested in Connecting Communities, please look out for events in your area, and contact if you would like to register your interest.

The full details of the Connecting Communities programme in Waltham Forest, including its borough-wide work and potential for partnership with the voluntary and community sector, are with the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government for approval.  Many Waltham Forest organisations contributed to these plans and the local authority will, in partnership with Community Waltham Forest, organise another information, consultation and partnership-building event for the borough as soon as plans are approved.