Children and Young People's Network Event Report 27 September

A report on the Community Waltham Forest Children and Young People's voluntary services network event on 27 September 2017.

Community Waltham Forest held its first Children and Young People's voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector event on 27 September 2017, with fantastic attendance from over 30 groups and individuals and lots of very useful discussions.  Here is a short report of the highlights.

Chris Todd from Community Waltham Forest gave a presentation on the funding context for VCSE organisations working with children and young people.  You can view his presentation here and the accompanying handout here.

The many different organisations in the room all introduced themselves - their organisation, location, reach and the groups of children and young people they work with.  Then, in groups, we had a lengthy and very rich discussion about the strengths, gaps and opportunities for VCSE children and young people's service provision in Waltham Forest.  You can find the outputs of all this captured here.

Cllr Grace Williams, LBWF Lead Member for Children and Young People, then came and spoke to us about the latest policy and departmental developments at the council, and about the council and voluntary sector working together going forward.  There was time for questions aftewards.  We are grateful to her for coming and sharing this information.  You can find her two handouts here and here.

We shared information about Community Waltham Forest, the support and training we offer, and how to become a member.  You can find this here, or by browsing this website. 

We also shared information about an upcoming LBWF Safeguarding event, to which everyone is invited - available here.

Finally, Community Waltham Forest announced that we will be launching a new, monthly, children and young people's services ebulletin with hopefully useful information for the organisations in the room and others.  If you weren't at the event and would like to sign up for this bulletin, please email us.

Community Waltham Forest would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who attended, participated and provided feedback.  We will be reviewing all of the feedback and discussions as we plan another event and will be in touch soon about this.