How Community Waltham Forest is governed

Community Waltham Forest is part of Community Southwark.

What does that mean? 

The model we have developed is based around a simple principle: we want to focus as many of our resources to supporting you and less on running costs. So we share all back office functions, training, resources and knowledge across the group. 

In terms of governance there is no board of trustees for Community Waltham Forest. Being part of Community Southwark means that the board of Community Southwark has overall responsbility for the delivery of the contract in Waltham Forest.

Clearly this isn't ideal as we want to make Community Waltham Forest as grounded as possible in the local VCSE sector. So, we are looking to establish an Advisory Group to help steer and guide the work of Community Waltham Forest. We believe that we are only relevant if we listen to your needs and aspirations - so we want this group to be a 'critical friend' to keep us on our toes and to steer us in the right direction. 

We will be developing a terms of reference and all those boring but important things. However, we will be guided by what works best for the local VCSE sector but if you are interested in finding out more about the Advisory Group (or indeed joining it) please email